The Use of the PLASMA-RAY™
By Stuart W. Titus, Ph.D.

The Plasma-Ray is one of the prime units that we have developed and use for lymphatic drainage and activation. It is, in very basic terms, a specialty light-bulb that has certain electrical currents running through it. These currents excite the special, nobel gasses that are concentrated inside the bulb and produce a tremendous physiological effect when applied to the human body.

On a more scientific basis, the instrument is a version of the older style Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator. With many of the essential functions of the Plasma-Ray instrument stemming from the work and research of Georges Lakhovsky, an early engineer who was friends of Nikoli Tesla. Lakhovsky developed a gargantuan machine back in the 1920's called the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO). The Multi-Wave oscillator was credited for healing many conditions that were "untreatable" back in the time of the inventor.

As far as the multiple wave oscillations go, what that means is that when you turn the machine on, it is like turning on an AM or FM radio - you get static because you have waves that are going in every direction from the unit. The output contains multiple frequencies from the ELLF range up to radio frequencies and beyond. Each cell can pick up on its own particular resonance frequency to strengthen its overall functioning and integrity.

As things progressed the technology became more involved with therapeutic intervention and so got smaller in size. Another similar device, called a Violet-Ray was then developed; this contained a sparking type of technology involving a "Tesla Coil" which provided a spark gap. This spark gap, is the critical component of the device. Inert gases are captured inside the bulb of the Violet Ray and when electricity going through the air strikes the inert gases it creates multiple oscillations and frequencies. Something similar to the Violet-Ray is available at most Esthetician's offices today and is known as a Galvanic device, as well as, other similar Lymph Drainage devices. However, the "spark gap" has a potential for injury.

Looking to create next generation technology within our Plasma-Ray™ we have found a way to attain the multiple frequencies in a coil (contained in the handle of the Plasma-Ray™) without the potential for injury!

Lakhovsky's healing theory was that when the body becomes ill, the emanations from the body start to weaken it, which then makes the body begin to resonate out of synchrony with nature. Therefore microbes are able to increase their pathogenic capabilities.

When we gently take the inert gas-produced multi-wave vibrations and feed them back to the body, the body is helped back to "vibrating" its correct resonance. This is accomplished through Kirschov's Law of Resonance (where if two tuning forks are placed in close proximity of one another, and one tuning fork is resonated, the other tuning fork will begin to resonate at the same frequency vibration).

So with the PLASMA-RAY™ "vibration", we basically are raising the quantum energy of all unhealthy cells back to a more normal pattern. In a sense, every cell has an opportunity to pick up on its own particular resonating frequency pattern - this strengthens cellular integrity and creates a very positive immune boosting response.


In a gentle fashion, with the treatment lasting about 20 minutes, the PLASMA-RAY™ is combined with Micro Current therapy to further regenerate cellular vitality. Therapy is provided exclusively in the micro-amperage range so, with proper application, there is no sharp sting or uncomfortable sensation felt by patients undergoing treatments.

Patients generally feel an increased vitality after their treatment and a good sense of relaxation. This is because as we kick-in many of the central nervous system's relaxation responses. Therapy has shown to increase the Alpha brainwave output (measured through neuro-feedback) and has shown significant beneficial brain neuro-transmitter chemical release (e.g., dopamine, serotonin, endorphine, etc.). Studies here have been done by Dr. Kirsch at UCLA and at other Universities around the country.

As previously mentioned, there are other machines on the cosmetic market called Violet Rays or Galvanic Skin Response units - they run with transistors and they don't put out the multiple wave spectrums that our instruments do. They may work for one or two patients but will not have a universal effect like our Micro-electrical and inert gas intervention which seems to aid healing almost universally and really does some wizard-like work in many cases, some considered "untreatable".

Aside from the multiple wave oscillation, this unit is a workhorse in our Clinics, because most people of our society are burdened with toxicity and lymph stasis. With our lymphatic drainage procedures (including cellulite, weight loss) in some cases we have stripped several inches off a person inside one hour.

By mobilizing tremendous amounts of fluid which can overburden the kidneys or liver - we can save ourselves from this detoxification reaction (Herxheimer reaction) by opening Chapman's reflexes - opening up the subclavian trunks of the upper body and the femoral trunks of the legs. This is a very important part of our procedure that allows the lymph to increase its circulation and cleanup of toxins that we release with our procedures. Otherwise we would be just moving toxins around and that really isn't doing anything so therapeutically effective, so opening those reflex points is very, very important for our intervention. The full procedure for weight loss and or for cellulite also involves a sauna or body wrap portion - this allows for released toxins to be drawn out through the skin surface - rather than burden the internal eliminatory reflexes. Since we do release a great deal of toxins with our intervention, the sauna or the wrap portion allows the body an opportunity to detoxify without clogging up normal elimination pathways.


Running electricity through the air and into inert gas bulbs, creates certain colors. Each of our three different inert gas bulbs (argon, neon and xenon) have their own color.


The Argon bulb's purple color is generally sedating. This is why Edgar Cayce called one of his devices a Violet-Ray. This bulb may help to aid acne, eczema, psoriasis, injury, sore spots, insect bites, sore throats, swollen glands, scalp conditions and insomnia.

Treating back behind the ear and the neck with this bulb carries a very strong relaxation effect, particularly on the gallbladder and its meridian. The Argon bulb can be for cooling of the body tissues from a recent injury or surgical procedure; a very sore spot or anywhere that a sedative effect would be desired (e.g., severe bee stings, auto accidents, sports injuries) and where usually any form of touch would be too painful. It is the treatment of choice for sore throats and swollen glands. In the treatment of glands you work much better on infection with the Argon gas.

With some people, the area near the face and on the hair area can be very sensitive (particularly if the hair follicles are plugged up) then we will always use the less aggressive Argon bulb. A positive side effect is that therapy generates considerable quantities of ozone that goes directly into the blood. Electrified inert gas and the treatment is very good for treating scalp conditions - you can imagine what a parasite would look like after being exposed to high voltage, multiple frequencies, inert gas-based ozone. The Argon bulb can be used on the neck and lower portion of the face effectively - just stay below the level of the eyes. Use on the forehead and scalp may "sting" too much for comfort for some individuals. It can be comfortably used on the cheek and jaw areas. It has been used effectively to assist with reactions and swelling due to Botox injections or other injuries or reactions that have produced swelling. Some have used this to assist in sinus problems as well.


The Neon gas filled Bulb is red-orange in color. It is generally very stimulating and is the strongest of all our bulbs. In general, the effect of all of the bulbs is to change the viscosity of the lymphatic or interstitial fluids.

The Neon Bulb is designed to stimulate this lymphatic fluid - as the change in viscosity, allows for more free-flowing lymphatic fluid - so practitioners use this to aid healing on swollen areas (e.g., edema) and other areas where one desires to accelerate the lymphatic drainage, such as cellulite and areas of excess weight, fat, etc.

Use of this bulb also appears to break up protein clusters which can clog the tiny lymphatic channels, pathways and capillaries - this causes the protein to be broken down into the component amino acids and then more readily absorbed across the cell membrane, where they more naturally belong.

It appears to assist in chronic bacterial skin conditions. Prolonged exposure (three times a week) may be able to help accelerate metabolism and assist in weight loss (and cellulite) programs. This combined with Micro Current stimulation, body wraps, limb wraps, and or saunas will accelerate the process.

The Neon bulb may also be good for treating those involved with athletics - (eg., treating a runner just after a race to flush the toxic waste products produced from the extreme exertion.) It may also be useful for treating those who have just undergone a strenuous workout at the gym so the muscles will not be as sore or achy the day after. Weekend athletes, golfers may all benefit after their events - and we found in our clinics that this therapy may be especially useful after a vigorous therapy session (e.g., Rolf Method or advanced, joint release Physiotherapy).


The Xenon Bulb is designed for regeneration. It may be very good for tissue regeneration purposes, injury recovery, spinal regeneration, arthritis and as an immune booster. There have been many "sensitive" types of individuals who can actually "feel" this in action.

The Xenon bulb is used for those with degenerating conditions - be it spinal (disc), internal organ or just general degeneration - which is usually characterized by a lack of proper mineral and nutrient absorption. This also may be very effective for treating areas of injury, surgical incision or those going through rehabilitation.

Many researchers identify regeneration with the presence of a xenon field of energy. Since this is a new field of study and the Xenon bulb is a bit more "experimental", I would make a recommendation for those wanting more scientific information. Jon Fox of Paragon Technologies in Colorado has been researching this inert gas and particularly the Xenon gas effect for a number of years. My recommendation would be for people contact to Jon or visit his website for more information.

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